Quality management


Poor electrical installation and infrastructure can have serious consequences. Therefore, at Alpha Power, managing quality is paramount.

  • Our Company complies with ISO 9001:2015 standards. We are therefore committed to improve our workflow continuously. We also have considered the risks that might impact our ability to keep our promises
  • When we are working on-site, we ensure that our people wear their Protective Personal Equipment, and that they constantly pay attention to how we operate to ensure the quality of our operations
  • We ensure, when we deliver our work to our clients, that our installation and services fulfil their requirements. We record their feedback in order to safeguard and protect our reputation.
  • All our products are safe, reliable and genuine. Indeed, counterfeit products can have tragic consequences. Therefore, our customers can be assured that they will always be protected when they are buying from us: all our products have a warranty and a hologram that can be used to prove that they are authentic. Moreover, our experts will always advise them and help them choose the products which will be relevant for their needs.

We review the performance of our suppliers frequently: to ensure that our work will meet the expectations of our customers. We are also monitoring the satisfaction of our clients to identify what we can improve, to always improve the quality of our work.

✓85% of our clients are satisfied with our services for FY21/22 & FY20/21, which is 5 points higher than FY19/20.
✓80% of our clients are satisfied with our services for FY18/19.
✓We received 2 complaints for FY21/22 and 2 for FY20/21.
✓We received 3 complaints for FY19/20 and 3 for FY18/19. 

✓ FY21/22, 1 minor accident happened at workplace-related and 1 minor accident happened at workplace-related for FY20/21. Fortunately, we did not record any accident for workplace-related FY19/20 & FY18/19.