To provide innovative and world-class equipment and products to our clients, we established several partnerships with well-known companies.

LS Electric is a leading Korean manufacturer which supplies innovative smart energy which guarantees you a convenient life and a happy future. We are proud to be their official distributor in Myanmar.

Benefit: installing cutting edge solutions that will provide you with safe and clean power.

CEWE Instrument  has been in the business of energy measurement for 50 years and is operating in 60+ countries. We supply and install CEWE branded energy monitoring instrument & sensors and energy management system.

Benefit: monitoring effectively your energy usage to help you reducing the energy costs of your facility.

SECURE creates products that help users by providing them with reliable power offered by our tamper-proof types of equipment. We provide various types of Digital Panel Meter to record your consumption easily with minimum cost.

Benefit: getting sound products to control and optimize the energy intensity of your business.

MR is a 150 years old Germany based company who supplies world’s best onload tap changers, components, services and solutions all over the world.

Benefit: Achieving the highest standard of reliability of products and services using innovative designs on both hardware and software.

CTE TECH  is a Korean company. They offer various high-quality products related to power management and used in various industries (real estate, power plants, public transportation, etc.

Benefit: getting solid and reliable products to run critical systems and assets.

COMMAX is a Korean company specializing in smart home and security system. We are one of their official distributor in Myanmar.

Benefit:  providing you with an integrated and global system to secure simply your home or office using technology.

Safeguard offers a complete line of automatic emergency light. We can help you assessing your needs and recommend you the products which will meet your expectations.

Benefit: designing a sound a reliable lighting system that you can rely on