Managing Director statement

Managing Director statement

We established Alpha Power 10 years ago to build a better electrical infrastructure for Myanmar. Today, through our products and engineering skills, our customers are powering Myanmar economy, and contributing to delivering the National Electrification Plan. We are pleased and honored to contribute and support this journey with our expertise.

Indeed, in our Company, we will never compromise on the quality of our products and solutions. They have to be safe, reliable and yet to be innovative and to bring the best one can hope for Myanmar. That is why we decided to partner with international companies: to equip our Country with the best solutions available. This is also why we are investing significantly to develop the talents of our people continuously.

Developing a business responsibly is challenging in a country like Myanmar. Fortunately, at Alpha Power, we are all driven by our vision, our mission and our values. Likewise our commitment to uphold compliance and our zero-tolerance approach on corruption signal how we want to operate and conduct our business: ethically and responsibly.

Today, our team is serving tirelessly 300+ customers that distribute our products across Myanmar. Soon, the 12 projects that we are currently developing will deliver results. This will benefit thousands of people. I am delighted to see that 85% of our customers are pleased with the quality of our service. These are the results of our approach with our people: we aim to provide them with a respectful workplace. Alpha Power is part of the Business Coalition for Gender Equality in Myanmar, and even though we are an engineering company, we are an equal opportunity employer. Likewise, we are investing in developing the skills of our people: for FY18/19, 94% of our people received training, and on average, each employee received almost 20 hours of training.  These results are encouraging. But we can do more, and you can count on us to do so.

Thet San, Founder and Managing Director