We rely on the skills, expertise and commitment of our people to deliver outstanding services to our clients. Our HR team is defines and implements our HR strategy and action plans. Moreover, to deliver on time the projects expected by our clients, we may hire various contractors: we are therefore creating jobs opportunities both directly and directly.

Our Employee Handbook summarizes all what Alpha Power expects from its employee, and likewise, what they can rightly expect from us as well.  As a member of the Business Coalition for Gender Equality, we are committed to improve our practices related to gender equality and diversity in the workplace.


At the end of FY19, 65 people were working for Alpha Power (compared to 66 for FY18/19). Our headcount is stable. Today, we provide equal opportunities to all our employees regardless of their gender.  We are proud to be such an engineering company. Our turnover reached 11% for FY19 and was also stable compared to FY18/19 (13%). Interestingly, almost all our employees received feedback from their manager or supervisor. We believe it is critical to further develop their skills and build trust across our organization.

Breakdown of our headcount by Gender and Level

  • Male
  • Female

Talent management

Training our employees is critical for Alpha Power. To continuously update their knowledge, we are requesting from our technicians, experts and engineers to get at least sufficient hours of training per year. For FY18/19, on average, each employee received on average almost 20 hours of training, and 94% of our workforce received at least on training. The priorities are clear: our people received additional training related to management (37%), HR (19%) and engineering (17%).


Offering safe working conditions for our employees is paramount for Alpha Power. For FY18/19, 44 people received training on safety. Fortunately, we did not record any workplace-related accident for FY19 and FY18/19. As a result, our frequency and fatality rate are 0.


We do not have a significant impact on the environment. However, we are doing our best to lower and minimize our environmental footprint.

Energy and GHG emission

To run our operations, we use:

  • Diesel for our generators to power our headquarter in Yangon, and our branches when we cannot rely on the electricity provided by the government.
  • Gasoline for our fleet of vehicles.
  • Electricity from the grid, when it is available.

We consumed 192,452 kWh and 368,447 kWh respectively for FY19 and FY18/19. Our energy mix can be seen below:

Energy Mix

  • Power
  • Diesel
  • Gasoline

Our GHG emissions reached 57,735 kg eq. CO2 and 110,534 kg eq. CO2 respectively for FY 19 and 18/19.


To conduct our operations, we used 789 cubic meters of water for FY18/19.


As a responsible corporate citizen, we are pleased to pay our fair share of tax. For FY18/19, we paid more than MMK 380 million to the government.

Alpha Power is also very keen to support the Myanmar Badminton Federation, which is supported by our Managing Director.

Last, Alpha Power is keen to support various philanthropic initiatives. The Company donated MMK 7,839,500 and MMK 8,700,000 respectively for FY18/19 and FY19. All the donations were related to sport, education, disaster relief. Almost 80% of our charity efforts are allocated to the Myanmar Badminton Federation.