Corporate policies

Corporate Policies

Our Board is responsible for adopting and reviewing the relevance of Alpha Power’s policies. Moreover, as a responsible corporate citizen, we obey the law, and we ensure that we comply with the rules and regulations issued by the relevant authorities when we conduct our business.

At Alpha Power, we embrace the following principles:

We follow the current policies:

  • Our Code of Conduct, which was approved in 2020
  • As a business, we strive and embrace fair competition. We will not participate in any agreement with our competitors which improperly interferes with free-market forces
  • Our Employee Handbook provides all the information needed by our employees to make informed decision and to comply with our internal rules. We ensure to provide a respectful workplace: as a member of the Business Coalition for Gender Equality  we are currently reviewing our policies related to diversity and gender equality

We encourage everyone to contact us if you consider that we are not walking our talk.