Our ProductOur Products

We supply the products from the most reliable manufacturers around the world. We are fully committed to supplying technologically advanced products under the categories of electrical and power system to the domestic, industrial and power sector.

Our PartnersOur Partners

We are called partners because our relationship is built based on the trust and passion. We embrace diversity and would like to adopt an environment where everyone feels valued and belongs.

Our CustomersOur Customers

APE team is well experienced to deliver a product or project cost-effectively and efficiently. It is our main priority to achieve customer satisfaction on the overall purchasing or project experience and build a long-term business relationship. We always love to hear from our clients on how we can improve our products or services.

Our NeighbourhoodOur Community/Neighborhood

We understand that business should be aligned with the community we are working in. We are thrived to be a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Business Flow Chart


No. Department Quality Objectives KPI Goal
1. QMR Activities of Internal Audit ≥90% Per Plan
2. QMR Nonconforming Result ≤10 NC per IQA Result
3. HR Training Activities ≥80% per Plan
4. SM Customer Complaint Reducing Not more than 3 Per Month
5. SM Customer Satisfaction Survey ≥75% per Project
6. PU Material Delivery On Time ≥90% Per Month
7. EN On Time Job Finished Achievement ≥80% Per Plan
8. QC Materials Inspection (Imcoming) ≥80% Total Sampling Per Month
9. QC Work in Process Inspection ≥80% Total Sampling Per Month
10. QC Finished Process Inspection ≥80% Total Sampling Per Month
11. QC Calibration On Time ≥90% Per Plan
12. ST Materials Waste & Loss ≤3% per every 3 Months